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If actors and football players have Agents making sure they get the best jobs, why shouldn’t you have your own?

Get paid what you deserve

Companies desperatly need tech talent but sometimes they still pay below average salaries. We know what they are looking for and we know the rules of the game. We will help you take ownership of your career and land the job you want and deserve.

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Career change made easy

If your potential is not being recognised in your current job or if you're planning a career move, you came to the right place! Besides being able to book our Talent Agents according to your needs, you can also choose from a set of tailored products that will make you own your career.

"I want you to know that you helped me to achieve a dream.”

Eugenia B.

"An incredible experience, not only to direct my career into a better direction to land a new job, but also to rethink some points in my life and my self-perception.”

Guilherme M.

"I got a lot of professional advice and preparation that were fundamental to achieve this career goal. If you’re looking for a new job, I suggest you hire a Talent Agent.”

Railton O.

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